Simmy and The Jets & Soul Sessions


Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri,  Simeon "Simmy" Taylor has overcome a lot of obstacles- from _____ to ______ and _______. He knows what it takes to succeed as an artist and entrepreneur.



Simeon's love for poetry began..... He went on to...... He shares other encouraging and inspiring stories in his poetry collections, _______ and _______.



In 201__, Simeon teamed up with _____ to create Simmy and The Jets. Simmy and The Jets include _______. They work together to provide Kansas City with ______.



Through the success of Soul Sessions, Simmy and The Jets have supported countless artists and local vendors....



The Covid-19 pandemic provided Simmy with the opportunity to expand their reach into hosting online events. With a new audience from across the country and the world, Simmy and The Jets are working harder than ever to connect individuals to the arts. Open expression and connectivity drive the success of this dynamic team. 



He earned a Bachelor of Science in _______ from _______.  Most importantly, Simmy is a proud family man- encouraged by his beautiful wife, Yolanda Taylor, and their children.


Connect with Simmy, The Jets, and an network of arts enthusiasts today.

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